UNC Chaguanas West candidate, Dinesh Rambally (2nd from left), canvassing the Bejucal area, on Wednesday. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

The UNC’s candidate for the Chaguanas West seat strongly believes that international observers should be called in for the August 10th General Election.

Dinesh Rambally, a former Industrial Court Judge, spoke with Guardian Media on Wednesday, as he canvassed the Bejucal-Munroe Road area.

Echoing the concerns of the UNC’s political leader, Rambally said having the international observers will put many voters’ fears to rest.

“People are saying that they do not trust what is going on. They have a fear that the EBC is not holding true to what they are expected to do—that is the number one concern that people stated when we were walking around today,” the UNC candidate told Guardian Media.

He added: “One major concern for people is whether the government, or the Prime Minister, has invited international observers. The question that arises in everybody’s mind is, if you dissolve Parliament and announce that since last week, why didn’t you make the move to announce or invite international observers as yet? That is a concern we have.”

Rambally said the UNC Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, wrote to the PM earlier on Wednesday with regard to the issue of international observers.

UNC Chaguanas West candidate, Dinesh Rambally, talks to farmer Doodnath Lutchman during his walkabout at Ramsaran Trace off Munroe Road in Cunupia, on Wednesday. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

He expressed hope for a smooth electoral process.

“One issue that continues to arise on Election Day—election after election—is that of persons registered to vote not seeing their names on the Voters’ List,” he said. “We hope the EBC gets its act together this time around.”

Rambally said the residents of the constituency are suffering from poor drains and bad roads. According to the prospective MP, this was because few timely allocations were made to the Tunupana / Piarco Regional Corporation.

He said the residents are also concerned about the growing crime rate in the country, especially the rising murder rate.