UNC flags erected in Beetham Gardens, a traditional PNM stronghold.

Gail Alexander

Bright yellow UNC flags which have been flying on the north and south borders of Beetham Gardens in PNM-held Laventille West may be followed with “sister flags” in PNM-held Moruga by today.

This, as the Opposition UNC reinforces lobbying in PNM held seats. Last weekend UNC billboards and flags went up in the constituencies held by the UNC such as Point-a-Pierre candidate David Lee’s area and also at two points near walkovers on the north and south borders of Aranguez, in UNC-held San Juan/Barataria. UNC’s Ahloy Hunte also has a huge billboard on the western corner of PNM-held St Joseph.

In Laventille West, UNC’s candidate Rodney Stowe said UNC flags were planted on the northern border near the Priority Bus Route recently and others at the end of a street, southerly, near the highway.

“It’s a sign UNC’s on the move on up in Laventille West,” said Stowe yesterday.

“The first flags went up on the northern side a few weeks ago. More were put up on the southern side recently,” he said.

“I was born and grew up in this area…still living on Picton Road. I used to support PNM, but I’ve been with the UNC for almost three years now. Why? Because PNM just don’t do anything for this area. I was around them since Morris Marshall days. I know, I see,” said Stowe.

A former Works Ministry employee and a current football club coach, he said he’s done a lot of work with youths, played pan with Desperadoes and seen the impact which sporting and cultural activities can have on the areas if done right.

“We know what works for this area. We have plans – having computer stations at community centres, skills bank to store resources and manage how to channel people into jobs, homework centres for children to take them off the streets. Many parents here work two jobs. We had a ‘No Borders’ plan to deal with crime which at one point dropped the rate to two a month,” he said.

Meanwhile, UNC’s Moruga candidate Michelle Benjamin said UNC flags were scheduled to be erected last night in parts of the constituency from St Mary’s to Lengua.

“We’re covering ground. Those flags show it. I know we’re succeeding as certain people are attacking me.”

‘’People don’t pelt green mango, so I know I’m making an impact. PNMites are coming ‘across’ even with some of the big ’guns’ that are working that party’s campaign. I welcome any contestant from anywhere. My campaign is simple – it’s these people in Moruga who are important to me,” she said.

UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is expected to participate in a motorcade in San Fernando tomorrow and will also speak at a meeting. PNM leader Keith Rowley is expected to speak at a meeting tomorrow at Mt Lambert.