UNC political leader Kamla Persad Bissessar and members of the party.

The United National Congress (UNC) on Saturday launched its own online newspaper “The Checklist” to highlight their concerns and express their voice on national issues affecting the country.

In a YouTube video, the bi-weekly digital paper was unveiled by UNC’s PRO Kirk Meighoo, Kamla Phagoo and Neil Gosein.

The paper will contain editorial content, political events, current events, election updates, news items, entertainment, political views, updates on the Government’s status and inspirational stories.

All of the content can be accessed on the “Checklist” website and UNC Facebook page, website and app.

UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar will have a voice in the Checklist.

There is also a special column called the “reckless.”

Readers will be provided with real-time updates on news stories and breaking news.

Some of the paper’s contributors are Gosein, Paghoo and Meighoo.

Gosein said one of the advantages of the E-paper “it is free for now.”

He said the paper is a new frontier for the UNC on and off the political platform.

Meighoo gave a walkthrough of the paper which he said will soon change the media’s landscape.

“Sometimes people complain that the media don’t cover a lot of things that are going on and especially done by the Opposition or Opposition areas. It is concentrated around Port-of-Spain very much. And everything that reaches the newspaper does not necessarily reflect what is going on in the country,” Meighoo said.

“If you feel that the media has not represented a story properly. If you feel they are concentrating on some things and not other things that you think are important that the country should know about, we are here to be your voice,” Meighoo said.

Phagoo said Checklist’s online reporting will provide readers with real facts.

The paper is being regarded as the UNC delivering on part of its constitutional mandate to educate, inform, inspire and motivate Trinidad and Tobago.

The tagline of the paper is Freedom, Justice and Equality.