President Paula-Mae Weekes

The UNC National Youth Arm is calling on Her Excellency Paula Mae Weekes to respond to the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar on her questions concerning the Police Service Commission or resign. Details follow in this press release. 

The UNC National Youth Arm has noted with concern the statements from Political Leader, the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar relating to the very publicly political matter concerning the Police Service Commission. We concur with the UNC Leader that this is not supposed to be political, as the President ought to understand her role within our Republican Constitution. The Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar has placed in the public domain five critical questions for Her Excellency Paula Mae Weekes to respond to, which up to this time she has not. 

1. The President must define why the the PolSC merit list for Acting Commissioner of Police not presented to the Parliament? 

2. The President must define if the Prime Minister Keith Rowley who interfered with the PolSC merit list at President’s House to disrupt the process of the appointment of the Acting Police Commissioner? 

3. The President must define if Ernest Koylass’s name deliberately removed from the nomination list after his close associations with the PNM became public, and if so, on whose instruction was this done? 

4. The President must define why was she attempting to rush through names to the Parliament, without the input and views of the Leader of the Opposition? 

5. The President must define her response to a letter sent to her signed by all 19 opposition MP’s concerning the events of the PolSC scandal? 

Madam President, if you cannot explain or refuse to do so, the only proper thing to do is to resign and rid the office of President of the perception of political interference. 

We have grown accustomed to the shamelessness of politicians, but when the Presidency is coloured with the cloak of political inclination it is unforgivable and regrettable. You have gained the country’s respect as a jurist, now you must explain to the population what happened that night. If not, you will be failing in the very duty of transparency and good governance which you preach from the ivory towers of your lofty office. 

By the President’s silence one may only assume that there is more beneath the surface. It is very clear that the President has brought the sacred Office of the President into disrepute by these dangerous accusations. We fully support the Opposition Leader, the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, in her call: the President must resign.