Senator Jayanti Lutchmedial

Institutions are being destroyed under the leadership of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi and amid national insecurity, this country is now “exporting” alleged bandits to Caricom neighbours.

UNC senator Jayanti Lutchmedial spoke about these issues in her contribution to yesterday’s Budget 2022 debate.

On the eve of today’s Electoral College meeting on UNC’s bid to remove the President, Lutchmedial congratulated Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar “For her fearlessness and dedication to this nation and people. I’ve never seen someone exhibit such bravery, fighting for what’s right. We stand with her in defence of the poor, and those who have their rights and freedoms curtailed, we stand in defence of the rule of law,”

Lutchmedial, slammed matters concerning Al- Rawi at length. She said while many are struggling to hold on to or find employment, living off savings, juggling work and home schooling, they were also witnessing a frontal attack on our democracy, “ (But) the longest rope has an end.” She added: “We will not sit quietly while wives get legal briefs, merit lists are withdrawn, secret indemnities are signed with promises that would not assist foreign law enforcement.”

“The PNM on one hand wants to bring a politically appointed T&T Revenue Authority as a private tax army but signs agreements to help a QC escape tax authorities in the UK. I wonder how the Financial Action Task Force and European Union who have us blacklisted and other foreign organisations ,view that.”

Noting Al-Rawi’s failure to wear a mask at an event, Lutchmedial said Government lost confidence in Gary Griffith a year ago for not wanting to go into people’s private property to enforce regulations that they themselves could not comply with.

“And in a country struggling to reduce balance of payments, we start exporting ‘bandits’ now to our Caricom neighbours. God help us but that is where we reach under PNM,“ she said referring to the arrest of five T&T nationals alleged to have robbed the Carriacou, Grenada bank.

Noting issues in court including litigation with state companies, she said his actions and failures are costing T&T and he’d tried to claim victory in the recent matter of Griffith’s acting appointment.

Lutchmedial said it was fake news in T&T that Government’s not interfering in independent institutions and the AG’s claim that a State of Emergency was needed to give vaccines.

Lutchmedial, who said her mother was a legislative drafter at the AG’s Ministry from 1978 to 2017, challenged Al- Rawi to stop hiding “and meet me in court.”

She said while Government praised themselves for saving money on the Red House, “Now they need umbrellas to stand here and speak. $441 million plus cost of bucket and mop. The legacy of Las Alturas now at Abercromby Street. The Red House is a reflection of T&T–everything leaking and falling down like that piece of ceiling, because PNM can’t get it right.”