UNC leader Kamla Persad Bissessar

The opposition United National Congress is accusing National Security Minister Stuart Young and the Cabinet of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley of engaging in “fear and gossip mongering” and its also accusing Young of “dangerous political propaganda,” following allegations made by Young at the Post Cabinet News Conference on the spate of crime and shootings in Port-of-Spain.

In a media release yesterday the UNC said Young is a “danger to our democracy and is unfit to hold any public office in Trinidad and Tobago.”

The party said during Young’s tenure as Minister of National Security “crime has spiralled out of control and rather than do the dignified and respectable thing and resign he has opted for scandal and propaganda.”

According to the UNC, the regime of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley “has spent the last few years making excuses for their incompetence, ineptitude and failure, and offered no solutions. They’ve blamed the former Government, and used every tactic to try to distract and deflect, but the people of T&T know better.”

The UNC said “the fact remains that crime has spiralled under this Government because they do not know how to govern.”

Instead the UNC said the “Rowley regime has now resorted to using the Post Cabinet Media Briefing to make unfounded claims and spurious allegations.”

It said judging from the content of the media briefing, “the nation is left to wonder if the members of Cabinet spend their time engaged in gossip and fear mongering.”

The UNC said it wanted to “remind Young et al that the Post Cabinet briefing ought to have been used to tell the nation what they are doing in the face of the mayhem, instead of dangerous political propaganda.”