Mala Mohammed

Businessman Khalid “Uncle Khalid” Mohammed did not implicate himself in his wife’s murder when he was interviewed by police.

Inspector Fitzgerald George, who interviewed Mohammed and led the investigation into the murder of his wife Mala, made the statement yesterday as he completed his testimony in the trial of two men accused of the crime.

George’s testimony and cross-examination focused mainly on interviews with Sheldon Reed and Dane Swan, in which they allegedly implicated themselves, and not on the one with Mohammed, who he (George) admitted was a person of interest but not a suspect in the case.

Quizzed by State prosecutor Joy Balkaran over Mohammed’s response when he (George) questioned him over an allegation that he asked his brother-in-law to lie to police over the couple’s marital issues, George said he (Mohammed) denied any wrongdoing.

“I never did such a thing,” Mohammed, who was abroad when his wife was murdered, reportedly told George.

Also testifying yesterday was George’s colleague Inspector Jerry Hosein, who assisted in interviewing Swan after he and Reed were arrested months after Mohammed was murdered on May 10, 2004.

Hosein claimed that Swan began to confess to participating in the crime shortly after they identified themselves and told him what they were investigating.

“Well, it finally happen. I reach by the house and wait till she come home and she come up I hold up the old man and Sheldon went and shoot she twice,” Swan reportedly told them.

Hosein claimed that George stopped the interview and informed Swan that he wanted to take a formal statement with a Justice of the Peace present.

After completing the process, Swan allegedly took George and his colleagues to locations in Princes Town and identified where he and his co-accused hid and ran away after the shooting.

When the trial resumes this morning, State prosecutors are expected to present the evidence of their last witness- Mohammed’s former maid, who was inside the couple’s home when she was shot dead in the driveway.

Once the State closes its case, the duo will be given an opportunity to either testify in their defence or call their own witnesses before Justice Maria Wilson summarises the case to the jury and allows them to deliberate.

Reid and Swan are being represented by Wayne Sturge, Mario Merritt, Alexia Romero, Karunaa Bisramsingh and Roshan Tota-Maharaj. Candace Nanton is appearing alongside Balkaran for the State.