Roger Singh’s Tweet

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The Police Service will be looking into a possible Safe Zone breach that was posted to social media, despite the alleged culprit saying yesterday evening that it was a hoax.

The alleged incident involves an unvaccinated person making a post to social media giving the impression that he was in a cinema that is now designated a Safe Zone.

Roger Singh posted a story to his Instagram page with a photo of food which he claimed was at MovieTowne. In it, he posted the following captions: “Date night” and “When you know people who know people you will never have to fight against each other.”

The post was interpreted by social media users as Singh using personal contacts to gain access to the establishment. It was later pointed out by other social media users he is unvaccinated.

Guardian Media attempted to locate Singh by searching for his hair salon located in Barataria but it was closed.

When contacted via phone, Singh declined to comment on the matter.

Director of Dachin Group of Companies, Ryan Chin, told Guardian Media the company had since launched an investigation into the alleged incident. However, he said they are yet to find any truth to the claim.

“We cannot basically confirm anything. As far as we know, we’ve had no reports. We’ve been following the normal protocols and everything very strictly and like I said – that picture or whatever has been circulating – is too generic for us to really know…to have any kind of confirmation regarding it,” he said.

According to St Andrew/St David County Medical Officer of Health, Dr Allana Quamina-Best, the post has now also opened MovieTowne to legal action.

“What that person has now done is exposed themselves and the establishment for further investigation by the Trinidad and Tobago police service. The regulation is quite clear,” she said.

Any unvaccinated person found to be at a Safe Zone is liable to a fine of $5,000 while the establishment will be fined $25,000 per breach. After the third breach, the establishment will be debarred from participating as a Safe Zone.

Acting Commissioner of Police, McDonald Jacob told Guardian Media yesterday he was unaware of any reports on the matter being made to the Police Service. However, in a brief phone call, he indicated they will look into it.

While Singh declined to comment on the matter with Guardian Media, he took to Twitter to apologise for the furore.

“This video was originally taken on date: July 20th 2020. The video was meant to highlight times when all persons use to go to the movies. I wish to state clearly I didn’t not go into Movie Towne,” the tweet said.

“I did not breach any safe zone regulations. I also wish to publicly apologize to those that I may have offended, those that have misconstrued any post and the Movie Towne band which was clearly shown. Stay safe.”

T&T began its Safe Zone initiative on Monday, October 11. The initiative allows fully vaccinated people to enjoy leisure and entertainment services previously prohibited. This includes dining in at restaurants, visiting the movie theatres and visiting casinos.