Recording artist Savanna, Karyce Phillips.

In a period of uncertainty, one upcoming artiste has found an opportunity.

Today, Savanna—real name Karyce Phillips- has taken her first steps as a recording artiste with her first release ‘Right Away’ which features Hey Choppi.

“It’s a mix between Caribbean with the international flair so I know given that you know, my family background my brothers and father they have been pushing for soca to be recognised internationally,” she said, making reference to famed relatives within the local music industry.

Phillips, the daughter of Kenny Phillips and the sibling to the CEO of Precision Productions CEO Kasey Phillips, believes the road to success can be done by taking a different route from her family who have been stalwarts and standard-bearers in Calypso and Soca music production.

The track which combines elements of R&B and Dancehall, an approach she believes is needed to secure the crossover success that has long been sought by them and others.

“I think the way to do it is you have to mix the soca with the international flair and you have to give them both. Because that’s what they’ve been doing and they don’t even know that it’s soca they digesting,” she pointed to some international hits such as Justin Beiber’s ‘Sorry.’

“Justin Bieber song has been soca influence, but the world doesn’t know that. Right. Yeah, so it will be a mix,” she said.

The song went live at midnight on Youtube today (Friday), and she believes it will help usher in a new direction of local music.

A naturally shy individual, Savanna said her artistic persona and sobriquet were born to set her apart from her otherwise grounded personality.

“I wanted something that would set me apart from, my career-oriented life and I found that Savannah and you think of a Savannah, it’s free and open and I wanted to be a free and open person with that persona,” she said.

While she is a new artiste, you have heard her voice before, notably in background vocals for hits such as Voice’s “Cheers for Life” and “Far From Finished” as well as Problem Child’s “Whole Heart.” But she stressed that she didn’t want her music to be lost in the “sea of soca,” but with the uncertainty brought by the coronavirus she found an opportunity to explore her artistry.

“I hope they are especially given the Corona situation and you know, or the postpone Carnival that they might be willing to accept something other than just these strict wine and jam, wave yuh hand other than the soca classics,” she said.

Savanna plans to release a second track soon, which combines elements of Afrobeats and Soca.

“Right Away” is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.