From left, US Embassy Political officer John Miller, Charge de Affairs Shante Moore and Medical Research Foundation Public Health Specialist Dr Nyla Lyons, hand over a hamper of personal care items, including food, vitamins and dietary supplements to Venezuelan migrants

US Embassy Charge de Affairs Shante Moore and other officials recently visited the Centro de Salud Comunitaria (Community Health Hub) established by the Medical Research Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago (MRF).

The MRF is a recipient of the 2020/21 US Embassy Julia Taft award the goal of which is to address gaps in refugee assistance for Venezuelans living in T&T. The collaboration with the MRF reinforces the Embassy’s “ongoing commitment to join forces with Trinidad and Tobago to strengthen the international response to the crisis in Venezuela.”

The need for ongoing medical care to the Venezuelan migrant community has been exacerbated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past three months, the programme in collaboration the La Romaine Migrant Support and Penal Migrant Ministries has successfully reached over 100 families with health screening, medications, testing for sexually transmitted infections, referrals for follow up care, and treatment for persons with ongoing health conditions.