UTT’s Campus Agora in Chaguanas.

The staff of the University of T&T are growing increasingly concerned about their delayed salary payments which have been ongoing for the third consecutive month.

In an internal memo on October 22, Jonathan Cumberbatch, Assistant Vice President, Human Resource and Administration informed the university’s staff of the late payment of salaries for that month.

Cumberbatch said “Please be advised that as of 12 noon today, the University has received no communication from the Ministry of Finance regarding the delivery of its assigned monthly recurrent subvention which satisfies the payment of all salaries and allowances.

“Once received, payments shall, in turn, be remitted to all identified individual accounts.”

Speaking to the Sunday Guardian on Friday UTT president Prof Prakash Persad said “This is not new, we are not unique in that regard. Other bodies receive government subventions, occasionally it’s a bit late.

“The reason why the HR people inform people is that some have their payments on a certain day. We let them know the possibility that it could be delayed a bit so that they could make arrangements.

“It’s a bit early compared to most places, we inform and let staff know if they’re wondering whether money didn’t go to their accounts if they have transfers or outstanding payments to take the appropriate steps and try to let them know beforehand.”

When shown the memo on Friday, UTT chairman Prof Clement Imbert said it was self-explanatory and there was nothing else to say.

The issue of the university staff’s delayed salary payments has been recurring.