People wait in line to register for the COVID-19 vaccine at the Divali Nagar site in Chaguanas yesterday.

Although the country was under an adverse weather alert yesterday, with torrential rainfall for most of the day, vaccination at the Divali Nagar site in Chaguanas continued unhindered, as thousands of people showed up for their second jab of the Sinopharm vaccine.

Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) president Tricia Coosal said the association was hoping to administer 5,000 second doses yesterday.

“Despite the rain and the weather conditions, we are seeing a constant flow at the Divali Nagar today, we were very pleased with that – it shows that the citizens understand the need to get vaccinated,” Coosal said.

The TTMA, T&T Medical Association and SEWA TT International have been vaccinating the public at the site for 11 weeks since they received authorisation from the Ministry of Health.

Coosal said there has been an uptick in the number of people showing up to get vaccinated at the site in the past several days. She said the demand also seems to be growing amongst those who work in the manufacturing sector.

“We are hoping that by Thursday, we would have administered, the TTMA, 40,000 vaccines to the population – that would be including our first dose and second dose,” she said.

She also sent out a fresh appeal to the public, asking them to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19.

SEWA TT chairman Reevan Teelucksingh was also on hand at the site. He told Guardian Media that by noon, 2,600 doses of the vaccine had been administered. He said the volunteers at the site were getting worn out but they continue to do what is needed to assist in the protection of the population against COVID-19.

“We have, on any given day, 50 volunteers on site that are giving their time and energy to ensure that people get vaccinated, so all we are asking is that you come out to get vaccinated and we will do the rest,” Teelucksingh said.

Teelucksingh said there has been some vaccine hesitancy and “choosing” of vaccines by members of the public but he reiterated that the best vaccine is an available one.

For those who were seeking out the Pfizer vaccine, Teelucksingh had this message: “We ask that the children always be the first priority – the only vaccine available to them is the Pfizer at this point in time – so let us comply and not make any requests. Let us get the children vaccinated first and if there is anything after that, then you could decide.”