Deosaran Dinesh Baboolal was fined $40,000 when he appeared before a Sangre Grande Magistrate on December 8th, charged with possession of a firearm, ammunition, and possession of a component part with a magazine and a quantity of marijuana.

Baboolal, 19, pleaded guilty and was fined $10,000 on each charge. He was arrested during a roving road check exercise conducted in the Eastern Division on December 7th.

Glock Pistol and 14 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition

According to police reports, officers were driving along Williams Lane, Valencia when they observed a man behaving suspiciously, the officers searched the suspect and allegedly found in his side bag a Glock pistol and 14 rounds of nine millimetre ammunition.

The officers then obtained a search warrant and a search of his home revealed 573 grammes of marijuana under a sofa. The items were seized and he was arrested and charged by PC Caines. The exercise was coordinated by PC Pope and included PCs Johnson and Blackburn of the Valencia Police Post, Special Patrol Operations Team.