WASA's St Joseph head office.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has incurred losses of $275,000 in electrical panels, cables and wiring following a break-in and theft at its Raw Water Station facility in Aripo.

WASA’s chairman Romney Thomas confirmed to Guardian Media that the theft had taken place on Monday which was reported to the Arima Police Station.

“The approximate value of the items vandalised was $275,000. That is an initial estimate,” Thomas said.

Upon completion of repairs, Thomas said WASA would be in a better position to fully assess its losses.

He said there were no CCTV cameras at the facility which is “a little distance from the Aripo Water Treatment Plant.”

Thomas said WASA patrol the area but there is no static security.

Thomas’ statement followed a press release issued by WASA yesterday which advised its Northeast customers that their pipe-borne water supply by the Aripo Water Treatment Plant was being disrupted following an act of vandalism.

WASA stated that the facility at its station was broken into and a significant portion of “electrical panels, cables and wiring was damaged and removed.”

The T&T Electricity Commission, the release stated also suffered losses of equipment on their poles in the immediate areas and WASA was currently working with them to have the issues corrected and the facility returned to service by 6 am tomorrow.

The areas affected by the disruption are Santa Rosa Heights, Train Line off Pinto Road, Tumpuna Road between Henrise and Malabar Road Extension and Malabar Road Extension between Pro Queen Street and Ackbarali Trace.

WASA promised to mitigate the impact of the disruption.