Vasant Bharath: “We must unite to fight COVID-19…”

Former Trade Minister, Vasant Bharath, has thrown his support behind measures being adopted by the ruling PNM Government, to limit this country’s exposure to imported COVID-19 cases, as far as possible.

And he has called on fellow politicians to unite with Government and put aside party politics.

The full text of Mr Bharath’s statement, follows…

“These are unprecedented and unpredictable times that countries much larger than ours are grappling with.

I support the Government of Trinidad and Tobago 100% in its efforts to restore medical, economic and psychological stability to our country.

Let us for once put aside petty party politics and unite to fight this menace.

Take personal responsibility by observing the guidelines issued by the Ministries of Health, National Security and Labour and for God’s sake STOP spreading news that causes panic and confusion.

We are a resilient people. Let us show the world what we are made of.”