Vasant Bharath

Gail Alexander

Vasant Bharath is scheduled to launch his campaign tomorrow to contest the UNC’s internal election–and he has the support of former Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial.

UNC’s Devant Maharaj said Bharath would launch in San Juan. Maharaj is also expected to say ahead which post he will contest.

Bharath didn’t answer contact. He indicated on radio on Tuesday he’d contest the poll after UNC Leader Kamla Persad- Bissessar said on Monday the election would be held December 6.

Bharath is expected to give more details including specify fighting the UNC leader who’s challenged detractors to fight her “mano a mano”.

Ramdial, another critic of the current leadership, had said she’d consider contesting.

She said: “I’m definitely in support of new leadership for the UNC. I support Vasant Bharath in his bid for leader. I am confident he’ll be able to unite the UNC and rebuild a strong party to beat the PNM in 2025. I have intentions of also contesting a position on the Natex.”

“It’s clear to all that the current PL & Natex has failed the membership since 2015. We have not been able to win any election since 2013. In addition to that they failed to unite the UNC since there have been many members out in the wilderness since 2013 and history has proven that only a United UNC can beat the PNM.”

“We have no home as we were kicked out of Rienzi Complex and the leader failed to find/build a party headquarters even though there were a series of fund raisers to do so. Where the money gone? It was reported from one fund-raiser at least $400k was raised but no accountability nor transparency as to what these funds were used for. Clearly not a home for the UNC since we still renting upstairs a supermarket. “

“The arms of the party have ceased to exist. There have been no National Assemblies/ Parliamentary arm meetings since 2015.

“The Womens Arm & Youth Arm is sleeping and the Constituency executives have stopped having a voice in the party. These are the reasons why our 2020 candidate selections were so poor since the constituency executives had no say. “

Attorney Larry Lalla also said recently he’d consider contesting and would support for leader.

In the UNC reactions have been lukewarm on Bharath’s entry.

Responses to WhatsApp/texted queries included from UNC general secretary Dave Tancoo who said: “The UNC remains the most democratic of all political parties in T&T. Anyone can aspire to any position in keeping with the party’s constitutional requirements. It’s up to the party electorate to decide whom they want to lead them. May the best man or woman win.”

UNC’s Rushton Paray said: “I’d prefer not to discuss UNC’s internal affairs with the national media at this time. Democracy is alive and well.

“I will affirm that UNC is strong and resilient and best represents the aspirations of the people of T&T.

“This was evident once more during the budget debate, in which UNC parliamentarians in both Houses made progressive proposals, all of which were rejected by the failed PNM regime.

“We remain ready and available to steer T&T from the economic and social hell hole created by PNM. We give that firm assurance to our supporters and to the entire national society,” he said.

UNC’s Roodal Moonilal said he was busy with a constituent.