The 12-gauge shotgun which was found in the possession of a Venezuelan migrant.


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Two days after 12 Venezuelan nationals were arrested in Palo Seco, another Venezuelan national has been arrested with guns and ammunition in Granville, Cedros.

Around 5:15 pm on Wednesday, officers from the Marine Interdiction Unit of the T&T Customs department were on patrol at Granville when they saw a man walking through some bushes. He was carrying something in his hand. The officers gave chase and later arrested the suspect. He was found with a 12 gauge shotgun, two rounds of 12 gauge ammunition and six rounds of 9mm ammunition. The suspect was arrested and handed over to the immigration department.

Since March, both land and sea patrols have been boosted to ensure that Venezuelan nationals do not cross the border.

On Monday, nine Venezuelans were arrested at Palo Seco. The immigrants had been seen coming off a boat in Palo Seco and officers from the Santa Flora police quickly responded and arrested two adults, four teenagers and three children disembarking from a wooden boat.

More than 165 Venezuelan nationals have been deported for this year.

The boat driver sped off but the nine were taken to the Health Facility for COVID-19 screening. They are expected to be deported back to Venezuela.