LEFT: Venezuelan fisherman, Carlos Hernandez gives away free fish to needy families in St Helena, yesterday.TOP: A man rides away after collecting fish from Venezuelan fisherman Carlos Hernandez in St Helena, yesterday.

While some local fishermen have been complaining of poor catch, Venezuelan fisherman, Carlos Hernandez, gave away over 800 pounds of mixed fish to needy families yesterday for free.

Hernandez, also known as Spanish, who has been living and working in Trinidad since 2016, said he was fortunate to have work.

He said he felt the need to provide fish to people who could not afford food right now.

Dozens of Venezuelan migrants and even some locals lined up in an orderly fashion to collect the bags of fish that Hernandez had packaged into three-pound bags.

In an interview with Guardian Media, Hernandez said he caught and purchased 800 pounds of mixed fish over two days and with the assistance of fishermen from Orange Valley, he got almost 300 bags.

“On Saturday I packed 400 pounds and I did another 400 pounds today. I am fishing and working in Orange Valley and I am grateful that I have work. So many people don’t have work. Many people are helping the Venezuelan migrants so why should I not help the poor families too,” Hernandez said.

He said giving away the free fish made him happy.

“I want to do this again. But I do not want a crowd. I just want to help everyone who really needs it,” Hernandez said.

Another distribution will be done next week and Hernandez said anyone who wants fresh, free fish to cook can pass by his stall and collect a bag.