The San Fernando General Hospital.

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A Venezuelan joiner remains in a critical condition at the San Fernando General Hospital with severe brain trauma after three of his countrymen attacked him on Wednesday.

Osmil Antonio Gooding, 23, also suffered facial bone fractures, a ruptured left eye and abdominal injuries during the beating near his apartment along Battoo Boulevard, Marabella.

Police said that around 9.30 pm, Gooding was on the roadway when three Venezuelan nationals approached him. They armed themselves with wine bottles and stones and began beating Gooding on his face and head. As he fell, they repeatedly kicked him until he was unconscious.

The attackers ran off, and a neighbour contacted Marabella police. WPC Keezer and PC Deonath took Gooding to the Hospital where he underwent emergency treatment. Police searched the area for the suspects who were not found up to yesterday afternoon.

Investigators believe they know the identity of one of the suspects. In another incident, two Ste Madeleine men escaped death as a gunman opened fire on them on Wednesday.

A report stated that Paul Ramcharan, 36 and Akcle Allen, 35 were liming at the end of Warner Street when a man wearing dark coloured clothing and a ski mask approached them.

The suspect pulled out a gun and fired three shots at them. Ramcharan and Allen ran into nearby bushes, but the suspect did not chase, and he ran off.

Sgt Dinoo led Ste Madeleine police, along with Southern Division Task Force and Guard and Emergency Branch officers to the scene.

Officers search for the suspect but were unsuccessful up to yesterday.