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Two police officers on patrol at Chatham Beach engaged in a shootout with two Venezuelan nationals who ended up escaping in a waiting pirogue on Tuesday.

Officers said around 1 am, PC Blance, Persad and Ferdinand, along with WPC Guerra from the municipal police were walking along the coastline when they saw two Venezuelan men walking on the beach.

The officers called out to the men one of whom pulled out a firearm. The officers became fearful and shot at the men who ran away and boarded a nearby boat. They escaped.

Meanwhile, officers of the Cedros police arrested nine Venezuelans after they came ashore around 6.30 pm on Monday. Investigations said the officers were on patrol at Chatham Beach when they saw two adult males, five adult females and two children aged six years and three years old coming ashore from a boat.

Detectives from the Emergency Response Patrol took them to the Siparia Health Facility where they were screened as instructed by County Medical Officer Dr Ramnarine.

They were taken to the Erin Police Station where they were quarantined.