Asiya Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer of Conflict Women.

Conflict Women is calling on Government to implement a national, strategic action plan to deal with gender-based violence in the society.

The group’s founder, Asiya Mohammed, says ending gender-based violence requires a collaborative approach, which should include stronger legislative guidelines, as well as the input of social services.

Mohammed says too much time has been wasted and women’s right to safety is not being guaranteed.

She says government must act now.

“While we wait for policies, and while we wait for government to effect and impact legislation, there is a human cost,” the women’s advocate stresses.  “The cost is many women and girls are paying with their lives.”

Asiya Mohammed says it is time for both the Government and the Opposition to put aside political differences and seek the best interest of this country’s women and girls.

She says the statistics show an increase in femicides, which indicates that previous policies have not been working, and it is long past time that government prioritise gender-based violence within the national politics. 

“I want to say this very clearly—gender-based violence is not a political issue.  It is a human rights issue.  It is a women’s rights issue,” Asiya Mohammed states.

“Irrespective of your political affiliation, it is not okay for women to be unsafe taking public transportation in this country.  We have a human right to safety which is not being respected, or guaranteed or protected,” she points out.

The Conflict Women founder says violence against women has now become a national emergency in Trinidad and Tobago.