Darren O’Brien checks for his name on the electoral list at the Bread Basket on St Ann’s Road, St Ann’s, yesterday.

Change of address.

That’s what many people went to the Election and Boundaries Commission’s (EBC) Port-of-Spain office to do in the last nine days of the voter registration period, EBC officials confirmed yesterday.

A registration period for voters began on July 7.

Registration at the PoS office and other EBC offices around T&T ended at 6 pm yesterday.

The PoS office had a very busy time over the last nine days of the registration process but not as much for yesterday’s final day, officers said.

EBC officers added that lines at the PoS office had been long during the nine-day period, including up to Tuesday when the line was outside the building on Frederick Street, PoS.

But it was not as long yesterday, they said.

The final revised voters’ list for the August 10 poll—involving all updates—will be issued next week.

The electorate in 2015—prior to the final voters’ list—was 1,099,245.

The final voters’ list for that year’s general election was 1,099,279.

Of that electorate, 734,421 voted and the 2015 voter turn-out was 66.8 per cent. The PNM won that election.

On queries about Venezuelans voting in the election, Guardian Media was told that there are many Venezuelans who have lived in T&T for many years who may vote once they hold the correct status and documentation. But they said that the Venezuelans who applied for the amnesty offered by Government last May-June don’t qualify to vote. —Gail Alexander