Dr Lennox Sealy, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Water and Sewerage Authority, resigned from the post with immediate effect, on Thursday 8 July 2021.

On the heels of the recent resignation of Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) executive director/chief executive officer (CEO) Dr Lennox Sealy comes a major shake-up of the authority’s executive management team—the entire team of seven people has been replaced.

On Saturday, security officers at WASA were instructed not to allow four of the former directors onto its St Joseph compound.

The decision to remove the team was taken on Friday during an emergency meeting by WASA’s newly appointed chairman Ravindra Nanga and his directors, following Thursday’s resignation of Sealy who cited “personal circumstances” for his sudden departure. Sealy had met with Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales who informed him that the Government was disappointed and dissatisfied with the slow pace of WASA’s transformation exercise.

In a surprise move, Sherland Sheppard, a former director of operations for several years, who was removed from that post about three months ago to work alongside Sealy, will lead the new executive management team. The team comprises five other directors—Shaira Ali-operations director, Giselle Spence-finance director, Ronnie Spencer-HR director, Natasha Andrews-corporate business services, Winston Drakes-corporate services.

The appointee for the position of corporate secretary will soon be determined.

The new directors who are employees of WASA will be issued letters of appointment on Monday and together with Nanga will commence the transformation and restructuring of WASA which is three months behind schedule.

In two months they will have to submit a plan and report to Gonzales to chart a new way forward for WASA.

A WASA source said “this is clearly a strategic move by Gonzales and the board that sends a clear signal that they are now shifting gears after three months of dormancy under Sealy.’

The minister, the source said, “has set clear timelines from the start for the transformation and is holding officials to those timelines. This team has been mandated to put all their energies on working with the board to get the ball rolling on WASA’s restructuring and changeover.”

The old executive management team, according to the WASA website, comprised Alan Poon King-acting CEO, acting director customer care Sherry Dumas-Harewood, acting director corporate services Alwin Browne, acting director of human resources May Ann Diaz, acting director of finance Rachelle Wilkie, acting director programmes and change management Denise Lee Sing Pereira and general counsel and corporate secretary Dion Abdool. A source at WASA said the replaced directors will have to revert to their previous positions at the authority.

When Sealy assumed the CEO/executive director posts in February, Poon King was removed as acting CEO and had to resume his previous post as director of customer services.

Two weeks ago, WASA suspended one of its directors over misleading information presented to its board.

WASA has commenced an investigation into the alleged misconduct.

Contacted on Saturday, Gonzales offered no comment about the major reshuffle at the beleaguered company.