The embattled president of the T&T Football Association (TTFA), William Wallace on Saturday issued a letter to the sports membership advising them that he and his two remaining vice president Clynt Taylor and Joseph Sam Phillip will not be attending Sunday’s virtual Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). The meeting is to decided on the future of T&T football.

Dear Members,

Let me start by saying that I am still quite unable to comprehend how anybody can think that what Fifa did in March 2020 is acceptable. Maybe it was desirable that those who elected us should be consulted. Frankly, however, it never occurred to us that anyone would view Fifa’s decision to send in a normalisation committee after a mere four months of our tenure in any way different from the way we viewed it. In addition, the action directly affected the Executive and to some extent brought our names into disrepute.

We remain convinced that the right to make our case, to let our voices be heard, is a basic human right. It is a right which, in our view, Fifa denied us when they abrogated their responsibility at the Court of Arbitration. We are well aware of what that action led to.

We hasten to add that we recognise the authority of the Appeal Court to conclude that Madame Justice Carol Gobin erred.

We take this opportunity to salute all those TTFA members who did repose confidence in us in November and have not backed away from their initial position. We salute as well as those who did but later changed their minds. We do not begrudge them their right so to do.

We also thank all those ordinary citizens of our two-island republic who have no interest in football but have been able to see that the issue goes well beyond the field of play.

Over the last seven months since March, we were fortunate to be allowed rare candid views of the TTFA as it is really seen from several other vantage points, including the international and the regional and, latterly, the judicial and the political.

That combination of different points of view, especially the political, has made it clear to my vice-presidents, Clynt Taylor and Joseph Sam Phillip, and me that our views and the views of some fraction of the membership remain at variance at this time. We are acutely aware that tomorrow is promised to no one of us and that it is the membership’s right to decide on the tomorrow they desire for the TTFA.

We shall not stand in your way.

To this end, we have decided to absent ourselves from the EGM carded for November 25. In our view, the meeting was properly constituted and as per constitution, the delegates can elect a chairperson in the absence of the President.

Rayshawn Mars, Secretary and delegate of the North Zone, has agreed to provide the technical support needed to conduct the meeting. We wish you a successful meeting

TTFA President
William Wallace