West End Police Officers currently are searching for two suspects following a robbery in Diego Martin, yesterday.

Official police reports indicate that at 5:40 pm on Thursday 3rd September 2020, the victim was seated in the driver’s seat of her blue Kia Sportage vehicle along Agate Drive, Diamond Vale in Diego Martin, when she was confronted by two men.

The men reportedly demanded that she handed over the keys to the vehicle, which she refused.

The TTPS reports that a struggle ensued during which the men are said to have grabbed the victim by her right hand and proceeded to physically force her out of the vehicle.

The suspects then made good their escape with the vehicle.

The victim then raised an alarm and the police were contacted.

A dragnet was immediately mounted by officers of the West End Police Station, Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) and the Western Division Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

It was coordinated by the Western Division Operation Centre.

The vehicle was subsequently found abandoned at Stoer Drive, Petit Valley.

The TTPS is asking anyone with information on this incident, or who may have witnessed the suspects, to call the West End Police Station immediately at 637-4226, or the police hotlines at 999 and 555.

Citizens also can share the information via the TTPS App.