The assault rifles and ammunition discovered and seized in Petit Valley by Western Division police, on Thursday 16 July 2020. (Image: TTPS)

Officers of the Western Division Task Force found and seized three assault  rifles  and  ammunition  in Petit Valley, during  an  anti-crime  exercise conducted between 9 am and 6 pm, on Thursday 16th July, 2020.

Official police reports indicate that during the  exercise,  the  officers  received  information  which  took them to Upper Cameron Road,  Petit Valley,  in  a forested area where they conducted a search.

The search resulted in the discovery of one green and black SKS Assault Rifle hidden in a tree; one AK-47 buried under a  pile  of  dry  coconut  branches; and  one AR-15 rifle loaded  with  a magazine  containing  22  rounds  of  5.56  ammunition, concealed in  a fallen tree log.

The anti-crime exercise  was  coordinated  by  Snr  Supt.  Thompson Ag.  Insp. Henry, Insp. Grant, and supervised by Sgt. Carmona, Cpls. Hunte, and  Khan,  PCs Clement,  Hollingsworth,  Dennis,  Peters,  Frith, Christopher,  Taylor,  Charles,  Borneo,  WPC  Norgeiga  and  PC Husband of the K9 Unit.

Investigations are ongoing.