Jomaree Greaves


One year and eight months ago, 14-year-old Jomaree Greaves walked out of his Diego Martin home and disappeared into the night.

He was summoned by a friend as his father slept and now, at the Richplain, Diego Martin home he left behind, time stands still as his family waits for Jomaree to return.

Guardian Media spoke to Jomaree’s father Rickey Greaves yesterday, a day after police issued a public appeal for assistance in finding Jomaree.

Greaves said he remembers the night his son walked out, never to be seen again.

“That was a Friday night. I am a single parent, we were home with his two other brothers, I fell asleep and some friend came, called him and that was the last I saw of my son,” Greaves said.

He said over the last 20 months he has heard a number of rumours and speculation about his son’s fate but he refuses to believe Jomaree may not be alive. Greaves said he has even heard rumours that his son was ‘pawned’ to a cartel in Venezuela in exchange for guns and ammunition.

“I heard some gossip that they see him in Carenage, they see him in Cocorite and nothing ever came up…I hearing that he missing, that he dead, that they pawn him,” Greaves said.

Greaves said he never knew his son to be involved in any illegal activity but admitted that the teen kept ‘bad’ company.

“I don’t know him as no gangster, I never knew him like that, because he was just 14 years, but the friends he started liming with, I spoke to him many times about them … When he stopped liming with his friends, the same friends I talked to him about, he started stay home … he didn’t have any friends besides me and his little brothers.”

With tears in his eyes, Greaves had a simple, heartfelt message for Jomaree, saying, “I love you and I miss you.”

He also sent out an appeal to anyone who may have information about his son’s whereabouts.

“I would just like to ask them please, if anything you know about his disappearance, I am his father, please, I am asking, I just want my son back.”

In the TTPS release on Saturday, West End Police said Jomaree was last seen wearing a blue jersey and grey long pants.

Jomaree was described as five feet tall with a slim build, dark brown complexion and an afro hairstyle.

Anyone with information Jomaree’s whereabouts is asked to contact the West End Police Station at 637-4226, 6002 or 800-TIPS, contact police at 555, 999, 911 or share information via the TTPS app.