Shenice George, 21, who was shot and killed on the Train Line in Bayshore Marabella on Thursday.

Friends and relatives of Shenice George say they are still puzzled as to why the 21-year-old woman was gunned down in cold blood in Marabella on Thursday night.

George, 21, of Bayshore West Marabella, was standing on the roadway in the company of a man from Seaview Drive, Marabella, just before midnight when another man wearing a hoodie and a mask, walked up to her.

He called out her name and then began firing at point-blank range. She was hit multiple times and died on the spot.

In an interview, a close relative said George always liked to go to lime out the road by the bridge.

She would often carry a boom box with her and every afternoon she would pay a man $5 to carry it for her.

The relative said he and his wife went to sleep and sometime around midnight, they were awakened to the sound of rapid gunfire.

“It was like a machine gun, ratatatatata. I telling my wife get up gunshots going off but she was sleeping and I leave she there and I sit down on the bed. Ten minutes later I heard them calling me. I come outside and walk around so and the man told me look they kill Shenice, look she dead. Look she lie down there,” the relative said.

He said he did not know if George had a problem with anyone.

“All of her money in her bag with her phone. I don’t know what happened,” he added.

George’s cousin Jamie Sonowa said she was always concerned about the welfare of her family and would check up on everyone.

She said George was never one to talk about her problems.

“If someone interfere with her she would not say anything. I grew up with Shenice and we are a year apart. To hear that she was shot like this is very devastating,” Sonowa said.

Police said that George was unemployed and a motive for her killing has not yet been established.

No one has been arrested.

Officers of Region 111 Homicide Bureau are continuing investigations.