A Williamsville couple and their five children, who were living in a shack put together by old pieces of wood, now have a warm and comfortable place to call home.

Thanking Pastor Vickram Hajaree and members of the Open Bible Standard Churches who provided materials to build a new home for them at Coconut Drive, Aziz Hosein shed tears of joy during a simple blessing of the house on Saturday.

“My prayers were answered,” said Hosein, 42, who appealed through Guardian Media for assistance to rebuild his home.

From crawling through a hole to get into their windowless home, the family now a proper door, roof, a gallery, two bedrooms, and a kitchen.

While the house is comfortable enough for the family to occupy, Hajaree said renovations are still ongoing. “With five children, they will have four bedrooms at the end of the day. It is not finished as yet,” said Hajaree.

They also provided the family with beds, mattresses, a stove, bathtubs, and other furniture.

Hajaree, the regional superintendent of the south churches, said they have been assisting needy families throughout the country for years.

But, this is something which is close to his heart as he too grew up in poverty.

“We had nothing to eat at times. We had to sleep on fibre mattresses on the floor and things like that. Because of where I came from I understand what people go through. There were days my father would leave us hungry and we would have to beg, we would have to go to the neighbour’s home to get garden to eat,” said Hajaree.

While the couple will appreciate a water and electricity supply, they are happy with just having a proper roof over their heads.

Thanking everyone who has assisted them, a beaming Sumintra Ramdial, 42, said they got so many groceries and they decided to help other needy people who had reached out to them.

So, what’s next for this family.

“Well, we were thinking about getting married,” said Ramdial with a grin.