Amanda West.

A Wallerfield woman was killed on Tuesday night after gunmen chased her from her house into another at Wallerfield.

The deceased, Amanda West, lived at #5 Chaconia Drive, Jacob Hill, Wallerfield.

Police said at about 8 pm, West was at her home along with two other persons, when they were approached by two men armed with firearms. They became fearful for their lives and ran out of the house. The gunmen pursued them and fired several shots at them.

West then ran into a house on Orchid Drive, Wallerfield, where she was pursued by the gunmen who fired several shots at her. She died on the scene.

The gunmen then escaped on foot.

Supt. Montrichard and Insp. Callender visited the scene.

Investigators said West was known to them, as she was said to be involved in armed robberies and was the holder of an illegal firearm.

Police said she recently robbed a family member of their pension.  They also told Guardian Media that other family members feared West and took no action against her, because of the threats she had made against them.