Police are investigating the shooting of another woman in Gasparillo at this time.

Details are not yet forthcoming but police said the incident occurred at Dalloo Road.

This comes one day after Chandramatie Sammy-Rojan was gunned down a few streets away.

The 45-year-old woman was returning home from the pharmacy with her sister Camille Sammy on Thursday, when she was attacked.

According to a police report, at about 6.55 pm, they were walking along a track at Darneaud Trace when a gunman ran up to them and fired several shots at Sammy-Rojan. She died on the scene.

Police are still searching for the gunman, who escaped in a vehicle.

Chandramatie Sammy-Rojan had gone to the pharmacy to buy medication for her daughter.

Police believe she was killed over a land dispute.