Valasia Miguel shows the tarpaulin she is temporarily using to cover her house after her roof was blown off by strong winds at St Croix Road, Princes Town, last Thursday.

Single parent Valasia Miguel and her 15-year-old son have not been staying at their Princes Town home since a strong wind ripped off the roof last week.

Miguel, 41, who is partially blind in one eye due to an injury, is now pleading for assistance to fix her roof.

Miguel recalled that last Thursday it was raining and around 11 am, she was going to take a bath when she heard a noise.

“And I feel like a piece of wood fall on the bed and when I watch back so, is a piece of wood. When I look up to the galvanize, I see the whole roof raising up. My son was in the drawing-room doing his school work and we just run outside for safety,” Miguel recalled. Miguel said her neighbours helped cover back the front area of the house with the roof material that remained intact. However, she said her furniture was water-soaked and her television has stopped working.

The Princes Town Regional Corporation’s Disaster Management Unit provided two tarpaulins to cover the back half of the house but they are not stable.

“I am scared to sleep in it because the tarpaulin in the back does raise up. It really frightening. It is a nightmare all over to live again.” Since then, she has been staying with a friend while her son moved in with his father.

Miguel is unemployed and is seeking assistance with material to repair her roof. Anyone willing to assist can contact 486-8293.