Adanna Dick was killed on Tuesday night on her way to make a police report.

After a violent encounter with her former close friend, mother of five Adanna Dick was on her way to the police station to make a report, but she never made it.

Dick, 36, was stabbed to death at a bus shed not far away from her St Margarets home on Tuesday night.

Relatives said she had suffered years of domestic abuse.

Police are searching for a 47-year-old suspect.

Around 10 pm police responded to a report about screams coming from a bus shed along the Southern Main Road which is opposite the street where she lived with her children.

Police found Dick lying at the back of the shed with blood on her left side. Clasped in her hands was a rusty eight-inch knife which police believe could be the murder weapon.

This is the second woman in a month to have been killed allegedly due to domestic violence. On June 9, Tricia Ramsaran, 37, was strangled allegedly by her common-law husband at his Sukhan Trace, Barrackpore home.

At Dick’s home yesterday, her mother was too distraught to speak with Guardian Media. However, Dick’s stepdaughter Camille Thomas, 22, said she had broken off the relationship a few months ago. Dick, a sales clerk at a business place in Carenage, returned home to find the suspect there. Thomas said she was at the hospital when Dick called her around 8.30 pm.

“I was in the hospital she call me and told me she and he had a disagreement and she say she was going by the station. I was hearing him arguing in the background. Where I was in the hospital I could not talk to her so I told her I will call her back.”

However, Thomas said she could neither reach Dick nor the man on their cellphones when she left the hospital.

While on her way to her home in Claxton Bay she saw the police and ambulance as well as a caution tape at the bus shed. “I believe it was her because that was the instincts I was getting when I come up the road.” When she got home, she called the St Margarets Police Station to inquire whether there were any reports regarding Dick or the suspect. There was no report, but she said the police asked her several questions. Thomas said her stepmom was afraid of the suspect and had complained that he was always harassing her.

She did not know whether Dick made any reports to the police against him. She said Dick was assaulted on several occasions and she once suffered a broken arm. “She just wanted to get out and be happy and comfortable. I never thought she would have been killed,” said Thomas who shared a very close relationship with her stepmom. Dick’s children are between the ages of 14 and two-years-old. She described Dick as a very loving and caring person. Visiting the scene were Supt Ramphal, Ag Insp Jaggernath, Cpl Boodlal, Cpl Bridgemohan, PC Bernard, PC Deena and WPC Persad of the Penal CID and Homicide Bureau Region 3.

The International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) again appealed with women in abusive situations to stop being afraid of their attackers and seek help. In a release following the murder of Adanna Dick, IWRN stated, “The IWRN continues to plead with women and families to become more serious in treating with all incidents of domestic abuse and to also reveal full details of the abuse, as incidents can only be properly addressed with complete disclosure. Both abused victims and family members must begin to view all types of abuse as serious including emotional, financial or physical; the organization bemoans that without appropriate interventions and assistance, any type of domestic abuse would become worse particularly if the root cause(s) are ignored and not addressed in a timely manner.”