A black eye sustaind during a beating.

A Penal woman is desperately pleading to police to help her mother who she says has been the victim of abuse from a close male relative for the past four years.

She told Guardian Media that she had already made over 11 assault reports to the police.

However, the woman, whose identity we’ve chosen not to reveal, claims her 47-year-old mother’s life is still in danger as just over the weekend a 50-year-old male relative who lives in the same house in Penal, threatened to kill her.

“My mother called me and said to me if she gets killed it’s because she has been threatened once more by her relative and right now I am very scared for her life and that is why I’m reaching out to the media for help and also to let everyone know what’s happening to her and how the police have failed to protect her,” the emotional daughter said during an interview with the Guardian Media yesterday.

The woman said the dispute between her mother and the relative started several years ago over property.

She said the physical abuse and threats commenced from May 27, 2016 and has continued up to the past weekend.

“That man repeatedly threatens my mother to kill her and he even threatened to kill me too,” the woman added.

She’s begging the Commissioner of Police and other relevant authorities to intervene.

“My mother still lives there and I know he’s capable of doing anything. I need to make a public statement for everyone to know that if something happens to my mother and she is found dead it’s at the hands of this relative,” she said, adding that she would also hold the police service responsible.

The woman pointed to the recent murder of Reshma Kanchan who she said was a schoolmate.

“My former schoolmate had also made countless reports at the Penal Police Station and nothing was done and now she’s dead,” she said.

“I understand what her family is going through because every day I am fearful that my mother can face a similar outcome if this situation isn’t dealt with immediately.”

“With everything else life has to offer, right now, I really don’t want to find my mother dead,” the young distraught woman said.

A senior officer assigned to the Penal Police Station, who did not wish to be quoted, said the victim made a report to the station about the threats. However, the officer said the alleged abuser has been evading them and whenever they attempt to speak with him he cannot be found.

The officer assured though the police service is investigating the matter and has taken it seriously.