High Court Judge James Aboud

KEVON [email protected]

A Williamsville teacher who blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for breaching a court order has been instructed to leave her mother’s home by June 7.Sitting at his home on Friday, Justice James Aboud presented his judgement via video conferencing, in which he also ordered the defendant, Ophelia Orosco to pay her mother Jocelyn Orosco’s legal cost. Jocelyn and her attorneys, former attorney general Anand Ramlogan S.C and Alvin Pariagsingh participated in the virtual hearing at Freedom Law Chambers in San Fernando.

Ophelia and her attorney Mohanie Maraj-Mohan joined in the attorney’s law office.In an affidavit, Jocelyn, 76, told the court that her daughter was abusive towards her and that Ophelia’s daughter was also rude to her and had her boyfriend in her home. When the matter was heard by Justice Vashiest Kokaram, he ordered Orphelia to leave the house by March 27.

However, she failed to comply with the order and applied for an extension of time on the basis that she was unable to find alternative accommodation due to the COVID-19 lockdown measures and being unemployed.Jocelyn told the court that she wanted her daughter out because she was constantly cursed, abused and harassed her in her own home. She refuted Ophelia’s claims that they shared a good relationship.

Instead, she told Aboud that her daughter was unkind, unhelpful and refused to do anything around the house.Regarding Ophelia’s daughter Shenelle Sookhai, who has since moved out, Jocelyn said the 23-year-old made her life miserable by bringing her boyfriend over at various hours during the night with the support of Ophelia. She described Sookhai as rude and showed the court photographs of her granddaughter’s boyfriend, Roland, breaching a previous order made by Kokaram prohibiting him from entering her premises.However, Ophelia claimed her daughter was a good girl who was never rude to her grandmother and that her boyfriend simply came to visit her but remained by the road. Ophelia told the court that she would pick up her mother’s prescriptions and that her mother was being influenced by another relative.The court dismissed Ophelia’s application for an extension until December 2020. Aboud issued a stern warning against the harassment of the Jocelyn so that she could peacefully enjoy her home.