Dear Prime Minister,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for doing your best up until this point for our country as it relates to the protocols surrounding COVID-19. After having witnessed how rapidly this virus has spread among our land, I do agree that it is within our best interest that safety protocols must exist.

If I may submit a most humble suggestion, it is also in the best interest of the citizens of this nation to recognise our places of worship as essential.

Please Dr Rowley, our people need to come together to worship God. Prayer is needed at this time to lift our spirits and formally surrender our suffering to God Almighty.

We need Him now more than ever.

Being a devout Roman Catholic, we need to receive the Holy Eucharist. We believe that Jesus Christ is literally present in this most Blessed Sacrament and that He is the Bread of Life. We have been stripped of receiving Him for far too long now and we all need a renewal.

If there can be over 200 patrons in any discount retailer store at any given hour, why therefore, must we close our churches? Our churches that have ample space. Our churches, within which there is room to social distance. Our churches, where we can still abide by the protocols as any other essential service.

Please, Dr Rowley, recognise that our places of worship are essential. Open our church doors. We can no longer hide from this virus, but we can be smart about it, practise good hygiene and socially distance if need be.

Thank you for this consideration.