WPC Reanne Wilson along with her two brothers was granted bail in connection with multiple offences

A Woman Police Constable and her two brothers, reappeared before an Arima Magistrate yesterday charged with several offences, arising out of an incident involving police officers in the Maloney district, on January 25.

WPC Reanne Wilson, 37, a Special Reserve Police officer last assigned to the Arouca Police Station, was charged with obstruction, aiding and abetting, use of obscene language and assaulting a police officer.

Her brother Rendon Wilson, 35, was charged with possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm and ammunition to endanger life, possession of a firearm, wounding with intent, resisting arrest, escaping lawful custody, obstructing a police officer, use of obscene language and larceny of a firearm, while Tyrell Wilson, 30, was charged with obstruction.

The trio all reside at Building #19, Maloney Gardens, Maloney.

They were all granted bail and the matter adjourned to August 4.

It is alleged that officers were attempting to arrest a man seen with a gun when a crowd of people gathered and began assaulting the officers.

One of the officers was shot in the leg, while another officer was choked by a female.

The suspect was pulled away from the officers by two people from the crowd.