Relatives say Aaron 'Max' Broomes was not involved in any criminal activities

The family of Aaron ‘Max’ Broomes—one of the two men shot dead in Port-of-Spain on Wednesday—is today saying he was not involved in any criminal activities.

The 29-year-old father of two was shot dead with Kayode ‘Toes’ Donawa by gunmen just after 2 pm at Queen and Nelson Street. His family is questioning the gunmen’s gain.

“They just causing people pain, that’s all they doing,” one relative said.

“They getting on like they don’t have a family to,” she continued.

The relative said one hundred policemen would see Max, a handy man, standing on the corner and not question his whereabouts.

“Imagine you living on one street and can’t go on next,” she said.

She said it is scary to live in the capital city.

“We cyah live in we house, inno,” she told Guardian Media.

On the last day for 2019, ten people were shot in the capital city; three died.

The murder of Aaron ‘Max’ Broomes and Kayode ‘Toes’ Donawa brought the murder count, for 2020, to 17 in 16 days.