XTra Foods

Xtra Foods’ management has confirmed that there were recent cases of COVID-19 among its staff, but has assured that immediate action was taken to address them in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s protocol.

In a release yesterday, Xtra Foods responded to a viral social media message which alleged that “from very strong sources/inside sources, 54 members of Xtra Foods’ branch in Grand Bazaar have tested positive for COVID-19.

“All cashiers have been tested positive. The workers are still being asked to come out even though they are tested positive. Be careful while shopping.”

Marketing Manager Austin Daniel, said, “In light of current information that has been circulating on social media, we wish to emphasise that employees of supermarkets, banks, health providers, protective services and all other essential services that need to be open at this time, are not immune to contracting the COVID-19 virus.

“While we can confirm that we recently had positive coronavirus cases among employees at Xtra Foods, immediate action was taken to address these cases and we continue to follow and be guided by Ministry of Health protocol.”

He added, “At Xtra Foods, we remain committed to a high level of communication and transparency. We do so to allay public speculation and concerns and also out of a deep respect and corporate social responsibility to the public who we are resolved to protect.”

Austin added that like all other frontline services who face the constant risk of being exposed to the virus, Xtra Foods does everything in its power to protect and ensure the safety of “our brave and valued employees and loyal customers on a daily basis.”

The statement added, “However, we are not fully insulated. There are times when the virus can penetrate our barriers of protection and when it does, we need to do everything possible to rebuild with speed and resolve.

“We follow all the protocols as requested by the Ministry of Health upon the discovery of any COVID-19-positive cases at our stores and continue to enforce our strong sanitisation protocols, including complete nightly sanitization of all stores.”

Austin added, “We maintain open communication throughout our stores and continue to support and encourage our team members to immediately raise any issues or concerns that they may have.”