Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Stuart Young MP, during a virtual press conference on Monday 28 February 2022, in which he confirmed a probe will launched into why the tragic diving accident occurred in the waters off Pointe-a-Pierre.

Energy Minister Stuart Young has admitted to “gaps” in the way Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited handled the missing divers, and which saw the situation devolve from a search and rescue mission to body recovery.

Young held a virtual press conference this morning to give an official update on the unfolding situation and said that as of this morning, no bodies have been recovered.

“From where I stand and am looking on, it appears as though there may be gaps in the system but again this is not for speculation,” he said.

Overnight, social media activist Phillip Alexander hosted an impromptu press conference and had with him Michael Kurban, the diver that rescued the lone survivor from that incident. Kurban contradicted what was said earlier by Paria about the rescue mission. He said that while attempting to dive and rescue the men, they were met with calls for permits and even had to wait for a shift change before they could proceed. Kurban also said that line was capped but Young said that he had heard that it was not.

“However, my information and the information provided to me is that no such riser cap would have been put back on. There was nobody that went back into the pipe after this unfortunate incident,” Young said.

Young said that is why the Government will be tasking experts from multi-national energy companies to form a panel and commence an investigation into what occurred.

“This is why there must be an independent investigation and why we are looking for expertise from two global multi-nationals who have expertise in these areas and all areas of oil and gas because we need to identify what went on. There is no way any of us can do that on our own,” he said.