Charmaine Ghandi-Andrews Chief Immigration Officer

Minister of National Security Stuart Young has given a partial explanation as to why the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO), Charmaine Ghandi-Andrews has been allegedly travelling excessively in recent times.

Young, in an interview with members of the media at Wednesday’s Inmates Carnival Showcase, said he was told for her absence was related “certain personal circumstances.”

However, the Minister said that he is yet to meet with her and other Immigration officials on the allegations against her.

He also said that he is yet to see the records regarding the number of time she travelled outside of the country.

Young said that the permanent secretaries in the ministry are responsible for granting leave to the chief immigration officer and assured that he will be engaging in discussions soon.

“I will be engaging in discussions with PS’s and Immigration, not only Ghandi-Andrews, officials because I am hearing one side of the story,” Young said.

“I believe in the proper process, due process, proper procedure and natural justice…there were certain personal circumstances for the CIO to do travelling and it’s personal to her family and I understood that,” he added.

There are several allegations made against Gand­hi-An­drews including non-per­for­mance of du­ties and reg­u­lar over­seas trav­els.

To com­pound the is­sue, the al­le­ga­tions were made at a time the pub­lic has been in an up­roar over the length of time it takes for the re­new­al of pass­ports.

Young said told Guardian Media earlier this week that he gave a di­rec­tive that the process for the renewal of passports should take no longer than one month.

Up to press time, Ghandi-Andrews did not respond to questions sent via What’s App.