Youtube channel Julianspromos, which exclusively features Soca music,

PETER [email protected]

There may not be a Carnival coming up, but Soca is still in demand.

Youtube channel Julianspromos, which exclusively features Soca music, recorded a milestone last week when it recorded 1 million subscribers on October 13.

“It’s good for us. It feels really good,” said Julian Hackett, the owner of the channel, who said this period presents a unique opportunity to do what his page has always done; provide an avenue for the genre outside of the various Carnival seasons.

He explained that the channel had seen an increase in subscribers during the pandemic.

“This year when the pandemic hit we actually saw an increase in subscribers mainly because a lot of people are home and they’re looking for new music but a lot of the artists didn’t release new music. So there is a demand for the music but there isn’t much music coming out,” he said.

He said this should encourage artistes to continue releasing music as it was clear there was still interest in the genre despite the absence of Carnival events, where artistes of the genre usually thrive.

Hackett said he had been in contact with artistes and noted that many artistes had been reluctant to release music because of the uncertainty, but he stressed that the should keep pushing out fresh content.

The channel is doing it’s part, as the group will release a new soca riddim called the Tender Touch Riddim on Thursday.

The riddim features Patrice Roberts, Olatunji, Nailah Blackman, Hey Choppi as well as Melly Rose & Seales.

The riddim is a collaboration between Julianspromos and AdvoKit productions, who had teamed up prior to put together the “Folklore Riddim” which birthed Kes’ 2018 hit “Hello”, a track which courted international attention, and Nadia Batson “Catching Feelings” and Turner’s “Holding On.”

Hackett said younger artistes in particular should release music, as their level of risk, in terms of a song blossoming into a hit perhaps was higher as fans search for new releases. He also noted that in some cases the release of music video for songs that previously went under the radar also sparked renewed interest in songs during this pandemic.

“I know a few artistes who have songs that came out so six seven months ago. They are now doing music videos for those songs, which I find is a very smart move is to better financially and it’s smarter to not let us all go to waste so we have been seeing that when it comes to artists rehashing prior material,” said Hackett.

One artiste, who has seen such success with music videos, has been Nessa Preppy, whose collaboration with Patrice Roberts “Splash”’s music video was released post Carnival, has hit 12 million views and has since been featured as part of a challenge on Tik Tok. Preppy’s music video for “Pull Up” on the Big Ride riddim, released on June 29, has gained over half a million views, double the amount the original Julianspromo post of the song garnered despite being released almost a year ago.