YTEPP trainees at Caridock. (Image courtesy YTEPP)

Growth and job opportunities in the ship building and repair industry are expected outcomes from a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between YTEPP Limited and Caribbean Dockyard and Engineering Services Limited (CDESL).

The MOU was signed between the two partners on Friday 11th February 2022, and ensures their partnership remains in effect for another three years.

YTEPP says the arrangement is aimed at “developing human capacity to specifically satisfy the labour market demands of the Ship Building and Repair Industry”.

“YTEPP’s ethos is to always provide relevant training in an ever expanding, economic and industrial landscape, bolstered through partnerships like this one,” YTEPP said in an official release. 

L to R – YTEPP’s Deputy Chairman, Jesse Moss; YTEPP’s Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Parris; YTEPP’s Chairman, Thora Best; CDESL’s Chairman, Michelle Durham-Kissoon; and Chief Operations Officer, Wayne Beharry. (Image courtesy YTEPP)

“Through our engagement with the private sector, we have been able to make tremendous progress as it relates to adding value to our beneficiaries via the provision of hands-on, real-work experience.  YTEPP Limited will continue to synergize efforts as we continue in our mission to develop a pool of skilled, confident, industry-ready workers that feed labour market demands,” the institute added.

Signing the MOU were YTEPP’s Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Parris and CDESL’s Chief Operations Officer, Wayne Beharry. 

The signing ceremony, which was held at Caridock’s Complex on Western Main Road, Port Chaguaramas, also was attended by YTEPP’s Chairman, Thora Best; YTEPP’s Deputy Chairman, Jesse Moss; CDESL’s Chairman, Michelle Durham-Kissoon; and Elvis Thomas, Quality Control Manager.